Friday, August 01, 2014

Things I Learned in July

This month, I haven't been as good at keeping track of the little random lessons I'm learning, but here are a few...

1. If your waitress casually mentions that the dish you're ordering has "Moroccan spices" and "South African spices," you should ask for clarification and not just assume that "spices" could mean "like cinnamon" and probably just indicates "flavorful." Because if you don't, your food will be so hot it will set your throat on fire. If you are me, you will at least have cause to feel thankful because a) your husband loves spicy food and b) he will be willing to trade with you halfway through and let you finish his lobster and shrimp risotto. This lesson brought to you by our anniversary dinner at Tin Angel :)

2. I like rap. Specifically Shai Linne's album The Attributes of God. I feel a little ridiculous sometimes cruising around in my minivan jamming to a good beat...but what can I say :) We've listened to four or five of his albums and this one is definitely our favorite--all four of us have been enjoying it. I find myself frequently astounded at how he can pack so much truth into so little space, let alone how he can make it rhyme! Really incredible theology writing. 

3. I have access to a gajillion playlists through Amazon Prime. We're trying out Prime this year for the first time, and I gotta say that while the free two-day shipping has been a fabulous perk, I've been disappointed with the selection of movies to stream for free and books to borrow. Just now (literally five minutes ago) I found out there's alllll kinds of music I can download free. Looking forward to checking that out.

4. I mentioned a couple of months ago how disgusted I was with Monogrammed Cases and Skins--well, this month I found a good replacement. It's worth watching Groupon for - while I wouldn't be willing to pay full price for one of their cases, the $20 groupon I got was a great deal. Lots of great designs to choose from, all even more customizable than I thought at first, and fast service. The case looks great and has protected my phone through more than one drop already. Not sure how often they do Groupons, but it looks like they run sales occasionally (right now it is 20% off).

5. It pays to be on a favorite blogger/author/artist's email list. It seems that more and more bloggers are creating these weekly or monthly subscription lists, not just to get their posts in your inbox but to get bonus emails with exclusive content. Being on Jen Hatmaker's list snagged me a free copy of her new book (she opened the giveaway to her "Email Friends" before making it public). Plus her emails make me snort-laugh every single time. Love it.

6. That whole "bake your sweet corn in the oven, still in the husk, and it will slide right out" thing that's been going around? Yeah, that TOTALLY didn't work for me. I ended up having to go to almost as much trouble as shucking a raw ear of corn--yet having to handle it while steaming hot. Not ever doing that again.

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