Monday, November 03, 2014

Multitude Monday, Take 334

Thanking God the last few weeks for...

6597. that color of blue the sky gets in the fall
6598. Steve making extra efforts to thank me, encourage me, make me feel appreciated
6599. a visit from my parents
6600. the boys getting to go home with them for a few days by themselves
6601. two boys = getting to reuse adorable clothes I loved when Elijah wore them

6602. date night

6603. long overdue reorganizing and decluttering accomplished while the boys were gone
6604. my boys feeding the ducks with their Grammy at the park where I used to feed the ducks with my Grammy

6605. freedom to be a night owl while they were gone
6606. the ability to memorize Scripture and the grace to start doing it again
6607. big hugs and snuggles with boys excited to see us again
6608. Jude's face when he opened birthday gifts
6609. his quickness to share his Spiderman costume with Elijah

6610. old home movies
6611. my parents' loving me even when I was six going on sixteen with a huge attitude
6612. texting clips to my childhood BFF and her delighted reaction
6613. funnies from Jude, written down for posterity
6614. getting to spend time at my parents' house while Steve was traveling for work

6615. getting to be in Ohio while they were in peak color

6616. Steve and his younger brother designing an awesome cake for Jude's birthday

6617. a big family birthday party with cousins and great-grandparents
6618. curls at the back of my one-year-old niece's neck
6619. six-year-old niece's tears when it was time to say goodbye
6620. late night theology discussions
6621. knowing that in 30 or 50 years, I'll still being seeing new things and being amazed by fresh truths from Scripture

6622. stunning landscapes on autumn drives
6623. striped baby acorns

6624. four years with our Jude
6625. a delightful one-on-one date with him

6626. birth photos representing sweet memories of abundant grace
6627. incredible grain-free, sugar-free chocolate cupcakes
6628. friends' 22-month-old with chocolate frosting all over her face saying "Fank oo, Amy!"
6629. grace to apologize and reconnect after being a jerk
6630. finally getting to volunteer in Elijah's classroom

6631. pumpkin cake with salted caramel buttercream frosting
6632. crayon leaf rubbings
6633. the incredible variety of shapes and colors

6634. spiritual lessons and reminders through a morning of yard work
6635. family hikes at Warner Park

6636. wonderful soccer coaches who helped Elijah have a great year

6637. Cameo apples
6638. soup weather
6639. pink sneakers

6640. opportunity to babysit two sweet little girls

6641. grace and humility to recognize my privilege and my blindness
6642. Steve's DIY skills
6643. a field trip to the pumpkin patch with my favorite preschooler

6644. hundreds of pretty pumpkins on a perfect fall day

6645. Jude wearing his new stuffed animal on the walk home from preschool

6646. free blizzard on an after-school date with this Student of the Month

6647. fellowship with friends, great conversations
6648. the smell of sawdust
6649. leaves all letting go in a flurry of yellow

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