Monday, March 09, 2015

Multitude Monday, Take 344

Thanking God this week for...

7103. Steve talking me down when I'm irrational
7104. the discovery of the deliciousness that is roasted broccoli
7105. when rain seeped right through my shoes, I could go home and put on a different pair
7106. extra snuggles from Elijah while he was sick
7107. reminders that He can and wants to use me even in my messy brokenness

7108. grace to give myself a time out to sit, breathe, be still, give thanks
7109. the means to afford health care, both alternative and mainstream
7110. frosted windowpanes
7111. tiny snowflakes whirling
7112. pre-dawn stillness, wonderland of white

7113. the accumulation of years and years spent reading Scripture = ability to make connections
7114. choosing to make His Name dwell among us and then be sacrificed for us
7115. desiring for us not merely to obey and submit, but to be "altogether joyful" before Him
7116. a few inches of snow to play in
7117. snow crystals sparkling in the sunshine 

7118. homemade cinnamon hot chocolate
7119. dust bunnies vanquished
7120. podcasts and audiobooks to occupy my mind while cleaning
7121. disinfectant spray and wipes
7122. time spent digging into Colossians with beautiful women

7123. the hope laid up for us in Heaven
7124. enabling me to hear and understand the gospel
7125. qualifying me to share in the inheritance of the saints
7126. delivering me from the domain of darkness
7127. transferring me to the kingdom of His beloved Son

7128. forgiving my sins
7129. inviting me into the perfect joy and love and delight within the Trinity
7130. rich conversation about the sermon and marriage with friends over lunch
7131. conviction
7132. how far society has come in its treatment of women


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