Friday, June 05, 2015

May Gifts and Instagrams

Somehow I didn't manage to put up a Monday gratitude post for the entire month of May. Thought I would just hit the highlights plus a few photos from Instagram--this month, I've been thanking God for...

7285. a family bike ride on the Bicentennial Trail

7286. Jude bringing me a clematis bloom from the backyard
7287. eight children sponsored through our church on Compassion Sunday
7288. fresh strawberries
7289. boys wanting to make their own thankful lists

7290. peonies

7291. a Mother's Day coupon for 26 kisses

7292. Pampered Chef warranties

7293. the forgiving cut of a maxi dress
7294. field trip with Elijah

7295.  Steve taking care of me when I was sick
7296. Jude being an unbelievable champ when I was sick, requiring almost nothing of me
7297. indoor plumbing
7298. bleach wipes
7299. feeling human again

7300. strawberry shortcake for supper

7301. the pleasure of watching all three of my guys devour it and delight in it
7302. tiny gingko leaves, new growth on the ends of branches

7303. grace to say no to my flesh
7304. dry shampoo

7305. fresh lettuce from the garden
7306. the privilege of watching a sweet girl grow up over the last 4-5 years and celebrate her high school graduation

7307. so very much evidence of God's grace at work in her
7308. her radiant smile, feeling of accomplishment
7309. antibiotics

7310. a gallery wall in my dining room! finally!!
7311. magnolia blooms
7312. their lovely scent when you walk by a tree
7313. this amazing, forthright call to the church by Jen Wilkin
7314. Jude yelling outside: "BIRD! HEY BIRD! THERE'S A WORM OVER THERE!"

7315. Christy Nockels' new worship album
7316. visit from Steve's family
7317. the privilege of speaking to a small group of women on Psalm 63 and finding satisfaction in God
7318. my dear friend's generous hospitality
7319. other women's wonderful insights in our Sunday school class, seeing things I hadn't thought about

7320. nursery duty = rocking a sweet towheaded 2yo for an hour while he slept on my chest
7321. the way fresh eyes cause you to notice things you've passed a hundred times but never seen
7322. God's compassion toward rebels
7323. no school = no early alarm for the boys = extra morning quiet time for me
7324. rhubarb from my in-laws

7325. spider plant babies from my mother-in-law

7326. gorgeous deep orangey-red lilies lining a friend's front porch
7327. a friend sharing her heart and painful struggles
7328. opportunity to pray with and for her
7329. the way Jesus is so beautiful in her in the midst of her suffering

7330. visit from old friends
7331. kids pretending to jump and dance like Newsies 

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Danielle said...

Love the Jen Wilkin article!