Monday, July 20, 2015

Multitude Monday, Take 351

"Gratitude is the proper response to an abundance of gifts. Gratitude is the posture of the soul that most readily increases receptivity. Gratitude demands humility, since only those who acknowledge their dependence, their need, and their delight in the goodness and kindness of another can be grateful. Give thanks always and for everything. And be specific."  
--Joe Rigney, The Things of Earth

Thanking God this week for...

7407. encouragement that the Spirit is at work in me in the midst of ongoing struggles
7408. Hallmark recordable storybooks--my dad's voice reading The Little Engine That Could to Jude
7409. The Valley of Vision prayer book
7410. friends inviting us to swim at the Y as guests under their membership
7411. time to relax in the water and chat while our kids splashed

7412. my boys' healthy teeth
7413. Google Earth enabling me to see my friend's new home
7414. Steve's incredible example of being gracious and assigning positive intent with impossibly ridiculous colleagues
7415. a sweet note from a beloved former professor
7416. unwanted items sold locally on VarageSale

7417. He hears and answers "at the beginning of [our] pleas for mercy" (Daniel 9:23)
7418. I can plead not because of my righteousness but because of His great mercy
7419. purple hydrangeas on my phone wallpaper, courtesy of BHG's Instagram feed
7420. a prompt check from our travel agent to cover the cost of her mistake
7421. a phone conversation to catch up with my college roommate

7422. Elijah coming to the dinner table: "Roasted broccoli! YEAH!!"
7423. boys splashing in a kiddie wading pool
7424. His promises to redeem us from our spiritual adultery
7425. His steadfast love and relentless mercy
7426. free fast food from the summer reading program at the library

7427. the sweet and obviously skilled tailor who is fitting Steve's suit for his brother's wedding
7428. family pizza and movie night
7429. His tender compassion toward His wayward children
7430. Steve and the boys washing our cars

7431. a shared pint of Sea Salt Caramel Truffle ice cream for National Ice Cream Day
7432. evening yoga to work and stretch sore muscles
7433. loads of fresh produce from the farmers' market
7434. generous, unexpected thank-you gift from church friends Steve helped
7435. amazing homemade pizza

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