Wednesday, September 02, 2015

August Gifts + Instagrams

"To be a creature is to be a receiver. 'What do you have that you did not receive?' (1 Cor. 4:7). The great privilege of man is to receive everything that God gives in all the ways that he gives it, and then to know it and enjoy it and delight in it and sing about it, and to know him in it and to enjoy him in it and to sing about him in it." 
--Joe Rigney, The Things of Earth

Somehow the entire month of August slipped by without my getting a gratitude post up, so here's a big roundup. Thanking God for all that He has given and I have gladly received in the last month, including...

7472. the distant rumble of summer thunder
7473. the "kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk" of blueberries hitting the bottom of a pail

7474. eating our fill right off the bushes

7475. purple passionflowers

7476. grace to slow down, stop yelling, see myself as no different from my boys
7477. beautiful promises in the Old Testament prophets
7478. learning the habit of adoration from Sara Hagerty
7479. flyswatters
7480. getting to hear the detailed story of how He miraculously, repeatedly saved a dear friend's sick little boy
7481. inter-library loans
7482. end-of-summer lunch date with Daddy

7483. fountains at Bicentennial Mall for splashing and playing

7484. how good it feels to wash off sunscreen and sweat at the end of the day
7485. oatmeal pancakes with warm peach topping
7486. seventeen years of our church growing and thriving
7487. our pastors' faithful preaching and shepherding
7488. Jude's Sunday school drawings of what God created: water, sea creatures, the moon, an astronaut, and hot lava

7489. abundant basil, plenty to share
7490. our church's beautiful process of selecting elders and deacons
7491. a nature scavenger hunt with the boys
7492. Jude looking through the binoculars backwards

7493. Elijah's enthusiasm about school
7494. my own fond memories of second grade with a beloved teacher
7495. amaaaaaaazing blueberry cheesecake flapjacks

7496. hearing the boys recite selections from Revelation 19 and 21 about the coming of the eternal kingdom
7497. morning walks to preschool, Jude's chatter
7498. snail mail surprise: card + awesome set of brush pens from a friend

7499. Elijah's friendship with boys whose mom is a dear friend to me
7500. the incredible, free(!) indoor playground at Cornerstone Church
7501. peach milkshake from Chick-Fil-A
7502. being near to all who call on Him
7503. His personal, specific salvation: not just "He will save people from sin" but "He will save HIS people from THEIR sins"

7504. feeling heard, respected, and valued by my husband
7505. the safe arrivals of two friends' new babies
7506. the sounds of locusts buzzing in the trees
7507. Steve's unflappable patience when I am inexplicably grouchy
7508. Jude's excitement about preschool and popularity with the kids there

7509. Steve's creativity in coming up with a Lego Ironman vs. Hulk cake

7510. a free oil change
7511. inviting me to ASK Him
7512. my cousin and a friend's son both preserved through bicycle accidents
7513. naked ladies blooming along the side border of our yard

7514. a visit from Grammy and Pops
7515. sitting in the sun chatting with my mom
7516. their babysitting so Steve and I could have a date

7517. free big band dance at Centennial Park
7518. fabulous burgers at Burger Republic
7519. laughing and foxtrotting with my handsome husband
7520. a friend asking if I was OK, and really wanting the truth
7521. Dad bringing his ice cream maker and laboring over a batch of mint chocolate chip

7522. how amazing that ice cream tastes

7522. the recipe, written down in his handwriting

7523. 23-pound and 27-pound watermelons from the farmers' market
7524. surrendering and drinking the cup I deserve
7525. Amber Haines's exquisite memoir

7526. technology: reading a picture book about boats to Jude, seeing an aircraft carrier, and within seconds, pulling up a video on my phone where we could see planes landing on a ship. What is this world we live in?!?
7527. restraining His freedom in order to set me free
7528. boys making ninja masks out of shirts thanks to Lego magazine instructions
7529. sweet time in prayer on a quiet afternoon
7530. the fact that He is sovereign and can be trusted

7531. eyes to see and confess my sin
7532. humility to receive criticism and take it to Him
7533. getting to hold my dear friend’s adorable grandbaby
7534. being able to share with friends how I’m seeing evidence of His grace at work in me
7535. gorgeous calligraphy in my Instagram feed

7536. reminders that my days with Jude at home are precious and fleeting

7537. eyes to love him and say “I see you!” with enthusiasm

7538. the glorious promises of Romans 8
7539. girls' night, with friends being transparent and vulnerable
7540. the beauty of Jesus in their gracious bearing up under trials
7541. a new EP from Nichole Nordeman after ten years!

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