Sunday, October 17, 2004


My plant is dying.

Lindsay told me that if it died, it was no longer a metaphor for my personal growth. But I'm afraid she was wrong. More days than not, I feel like that little potted ivy plant: shriveled up, dry, turning brown around the edges.

Weeks--no, months ago, I knew it needed to be repotted. The roots were beginning to poke out of the bottom of the plastic container. Instead I kept putting it off, even when I knew potting soil was available (for free). Instead I halfheartedly dumped some water in the pot every now and then, when I thought about it. And I pretended that my little ivy plant was doing just fine.

Now it's dying. I suddenly noticed the shriveled brown leaves last week--that startled me into action, so I finally repotted it. But maybe it was too late.

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Beau and Kathryn said...

It's never too late, whether it's your plant or your spiritual life:) I'll see you tomorrow!!!!