Tuesday, October 19, 2004


So my old roommate used to begin her sentences with "so" all the time, and it's a contagious habit...and now every time I do it, I think of Stephanie, and I love her :)

So my computer has this dumb virus, thanks to a bad link I stupidly clicked on AIM, and I don't love that. (A note of warning: Avoid clicking any link that contains the words "bestfriends.scr"--it will screw up your computer.)

So I hate my job. Project Respect, that is. It brings out the absolute worst in me sometimes. I know God called me to it. So I can't quit. But at this point I am glad I'm only doing it until June. I think this is the first time I can remember God clearly leading me to do something that I don't even want to do. It's a new experience. I know I just have some growing to do these next few months.

So that's all for now. Just a few random thoughts from yours truly today.

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