Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Let My Life Be a Preview...

Currently playing: "Coming Attractions" from All Things New, Steven Curtis Chapman

A day is coming
When all will be fed
There won't be a single hungry mouth
Begging for bread
A day is coming
When every disease
Will be swept away
As mercy floods through every street
A day is coming
A day is coming
But until that day comes

Let Your kingdom come in me
Let Your will be done in me
Here on earth as it is and as it will be in Heaven
Show Your glory to the world
Tell Your story to the world
Let my life be a preview of coming attractions

A day is coming
That won't fade to night
There'll be no more hatred to endure
No wars to fight
There'll be no orphans
No prisoners or slaves
And all the tears of death and pain
Will be washed away
This day is coming
It's surely coming
Jesus, You're coming
But until that day comes...

Shine Your light through me
Live Your life through me
Let the world see Your kingdom come in me

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