Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What's Eternal?

I spent nearly three hours sitting at Panera Bread with my old roommate Lindsay today...we hadn't seen each other since graduation a year ago, but had the chance to catch up over lunch. What a HUGE blessing it was to spend time with her! How I have missed this girl. We weren't "supposed" to be roommates our senior year--we sort of ended up together by default when both of our roommates decided at the last minute to live off campus. We weren't really even that close. But what a wonderful "unexpected change of plans" it turned out to be!

I so enjoyed catching up on her life, and sharing the fun and the tough stuff God's been doing in each of our lives. Lindsay is one of the women I most respect and admire...she has such a beautiful heart for God and for His children. I was so blessed by her thoughts today. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera...but she snapped a picture of the two of us so hopefully I'll post it soon.

One thing she said stuck in my mind as a reminder I think I desperately need. She said, "Every day I have to ask myself, 'What's eternal?' What truly matters today--these wedding decorations [she's planning an August wedding] or my attitude toward that person? What's eternal?"

Good question to be asking myself. And to answer her question: Linds, the time and the love that you have invested in my life and in the lives of countless others are definitely eternal :)

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