Friday, February 09, 2007


It's the week for annoying blog problems, I guess. Anyone else been having problems with captchas? Twice now I've tried to comment on blogs--most recently over at Nashville is Talking--and can't because I get that obnoxious little red X instead of the picture of numbers/letters for me to type in as verification. No matter how many times I hit refresh, or how many times I right click and tell it to "Show Picture," I can't get around it.

Have you ever had that problem here? Or anywhere else? I don't get it. Never happened to me before until yesterday.


Bethany said...

I have had that happen a lot. Plus it usually takes me two or three times to enter all the letters because they blur together and I can't quite tell what they are. HEE HEE. I think there are some other options in blogger to cut down on spam. I don't do the word verification but I also don't have my blog on all the blog rolls...pretty much have to know a friend that lists me on their blog or have gotten the address from me. I have yet to get spam on my blogger blog comments.

Amy said...

I started the word verification because I was getting comment spam--so annoying. I haven't minded the word verification--occasionally I get it wrong when the letters are blurred together like you said--but usually it's fine. Today I just can't get the picture to load at ALL! but only on certain websites. so frustrating!

Natalie said...

Amy - I've had the same problem a lot lately too...but instead of hitting refresh ('cuz that's not worked for me either)I end up closing the window and then reopening it - then I have no problem! It's annoying but the only way I've figured around it.

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!!!!

Amy said...

thanks for the advice. I've tried that too, with no luck!

I can't wait to see you either!

slf said...

make sure your cookies are on!