Monday, February 05, 2007

What's the Deal?

...with Bloglines lately? Several of my favorite blogs haven't shown new updates lately...I find out when I visit the site anyway while wasting time clicking around absently and find the person HAS been writing lately and I've missed several posts. Stupid Bloglines. The whole point is so I don't HAVE to click through each blog all the time. Now I wonder what else I've been missing.

Anyone else having this problem? Or is it just me?


Lynnster said...

I actually think it may be a Bloglines, and possibly Bloglines vs. WordPress issue. Sarcastro mentioned the same thing to me, he uses Bloglines and has not been seeing updates of any of the bloggers I have recently moved from Blogger to WordPress. It doesn't make sense that it's JUST those because not only does WordPress immediately ping the major distributors when people post, but with anyone using Feedburner, Feedburner automatically pings Bloglines itself. But I'm checking to see if there's a known issue about.

Is it just people with WordPress blogs you're not seeing updates on, or is it others too?

Amy said...

actually, no--I think it's mostly BLOGGER blogs I'm not seeing updates on. at least two I can think of, possibly more--both Blogger.

Zoanna said...

I haven't had success signing up with bloglines. I was going to ask someone to lead me thru it, but now I'm not sure.
Some people post a few times a week, some seldom. It'd be nice if I didn't have to clickety-click as often as I'm on this thing.

BTW, the baked apple recipe is on Briana's old site: It's the last post she wrote on there and it's been up forever. I doubt it's going anywhere except that she is talking about phasing it out and writing more of a family blog instead of just about Judah.

Amy said...

I have LOVED Bloglines until just the last few days. Never had problems and with as many blogs as I read, it was SOOO much easier to go to one site for the updates rather than having a mile-long list of bookmarks to click through. it's only been the last couple of days that I've discovered updates aren't coming through.

Zoanna said...

I don't know why clicking on my name takes ya back to my old blog by the same title, do you? Anyway, Blogger's a few clicks away from perfection, for sure, but I have it easier to post pictures on. I find it hilarious how many of the 100 Things About Me that I read about you are things we have in common. It was like reading my autobiography.

Amy said...

I feel the SAME way about photos. That is the #1 thing keeping me from switching to Wordpress. It is a pain in the neck to post photos over there! Blogger can be a pain if it's not working, but it's been behaving lately and when it is behaving, it is sooo much easier to upload images here.

no idea about where the name-click takes you...something to do with the fact that I'm still on old Blogger, maybe? or something you could tinker with in your account options?

glad you liked my 100 things list :)

Eric S. said...

I've noticed that problem once in a while. It makes wasting time so less efficient.

Thanks for the heads up on the VOM event.

Anonymous said...

Amy, I used Google Reader, which is basically the same thing as Bloglines, and I haven't had that problem.

You could try checking out Google Reader, but you need to sign up for a gmail account into order have a Reader account. You just use your email address.

Amy said...

and now is when I kick myself for not buying a bunch of Google stock several years ago. are they taking over the world or what?

I may have to switch if the problem persists. I've discovered two more blogs today...and after looking more closely I realized that they weren't just updating--they were gone from my feeds list. I never deleted them but they just disappeared into cyberspace somehow and I had to resubscribe. nice.

Bethany said...

I have noticed Wordpress ones not flagging new material more than blogger ones. Although when I have problems with blogger feeds it seems to be on the blogger blogs that were not updated to the new beta...which is now not beta anymore so maybe it is just the kinks of getting everything switched over.

I have a blogger blog and a wordpress blog for something else. I love photos and blogger is much better in that department.

Kat Coble said...

Bloglines didn't work for me. I ended up just junking it.

It was completely random with updates.