Friday, February 02, 2007

Don't Miss It

Is it too early to be thinking about events coming up in April? Well, here we are in February already...registration for this event is open and so I'm giving you locals a heads-up.

The Voice of the Martyrs will be holding their "Enduring Faith" Regional Conference at Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN on Saturday, April 21. It's free--and having heard one of the speakers, I can pretty much guarantee you it's going to be an extremely inspiring and provocative conference, no doubt worth your time. Why not devote just one Saturday to learning more about your persecuted brothers and sisters worldwide?

Speakers include:
  • Gracia Burnham and husband Martin were held captive for over 1 year in the Philippines by a terrorist group. She tells their story in her books “In the Presence of Mine Enemies” and “To Fly Again.”
  • Mujahid El Masih from Pakistan was committed to live a life of Jihad until Jesus brought true peace. He travels throughout the US sharing testimony and teaching about Islam.
  • Getaneh Getaneh from Ethiopia was imprisoned and suffered for his faith when communism came to his country. He is one of the key figures God has used to raise today’s current understanding of the persecuted church.
  • Darcie Gill has served as VOM Representative for 9 years and has traveled to China, Vietnam, India, Sudan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other restricted nations.
  • Robert Brock has served as VOM Representative for 14 years and has traveled to Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan and other restricted nations.

For more info or to register for the conference, click here. Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

That's sounds really neat. I used to be involved with Voice of the Martyrs during college. It is a great org.

rebekah said...

hey, hey amy! yes -- i miss you (in person) too! i am going to mexico in a few days for about a week, but when i get back let's meet for coffee, okay? actually, i am getting reading to run to franklin right now, if by any chance you get this and are in the neck of the woods, call me. i won't have tons of time, but, its a shot :) otherwise, soon.