Thursday, October 11, 2007

Best Buds

Ten years ago? I was a freshman, she a senior. We were paired as co-Narrators for our high school musical. Neither of us was thrilled with the arrangement. But an unexpected friendship grew, and was cemented for life a few months later when we each surrendered to Christ's call on our lives at church camp.

Five years ago? We were both single--although maybe she had started dating her husband at that point. Plenty of talk about guys...this was the girl who would tell me, in all love and the best wisdom she had at the time, "As for Steve, it's a cute fairy tale, but it's not going to happen and you just need to move on." :)

One year ago (or a little less)? A phone conversation that went something like this: "Guess what, I'm pregnant!" "AAAAAAAHHHH!!! So am I!!!"

Two months ago, two little boys were born to two best friends, within two days of each other. Last week, we got to spend some precious and rare girl time together when Julie and Joel came down for a visit--though "girl time" is now no longer females-only, and our conversations sound a little different these days. One element is constant: the kindness and faithfulness of God.

Maybe someday these two will be best buds.


Sandra Leigh said...

Awe...too cute!

Kayla said...

YEAH! I was waiting for those pictures. Cute cute cute!!!

Hummel Family said...

What cutie pies!!!!!!!!!

Jules said...

I love it! Our lives have definitely changed A LOT over the past ten years. I was so blessed by our time together--we're usually so rushed that we don't have time to talk about the non-important things like recipes and hair cuts. That was nice.

Since I’ve been home I’ve been working on spending time with the Lord “in ways that aren’t my favorite.” Bits and pieces here and there are better than nothing at all. Thanks for challenging me once again.

PS: You know how Joel always raises one hand like he has a question? Well when we got home I overheard a conversation that went something like this:
“Do you have a question son?”
“Yeah dad, when do I get to see Elijah again?”
“Not until Thanksgiving buddy.”
“That stinks; I’m going to miss him.”

Anonymous said...

How sweet! I love having babies the same time as my friends :)

Anonymous said...

I check your blog frequently and love seeing and reading your thoughts! I just wanted to let you know this story was encouraging to me because I long to be a wife and mom someday, and I just loved reading about the two of your lives. Thanks for sharing!!

Bethany said...

Cute pic in their snugglie blankets