Sunday, February 03, 2008

Motherhood and the Cross

It must be the week for powerful blog posts that arrest me and make me slow down to let their truth sink in. The latest is from Laurie, one of my favorite bloggers-I-don't-know-in-real-life, who writes:
God used His Word, various teachings, and many books or articles to help me understand the cross better. But there was one expositor in particular that helped transfer the written word to my heart. This divinely appointed means of moving the truth of the cross deep into my affections was motherhood.
I can relate so closely to much of what she wrote. How I pray that God will use motherhood to do a similar work in my own heart!

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Anonymous said...

Amy, I am glad you were blessed by my post. Connecting the cross to my life here in the home is something I always want to work towards. Directing other moms to the cross is my passion as a pastor's wife. :)