Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Morning After

I think one of the worst times to be a woman is the morning after a haircut.

A friend of mine watched Elijah for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon so I could go get a long-overdue haircut. Nothing too drastic, but I did finally take the plunge and have the stylist cut the "swoopy bangs" I've been thinking about trying for years now. You know the kind--where the part is way down low and they swoop across your forehead? I like how that looks, but I'm always hesitant to try something new. I didn't know if it would work with my hair texture, and I can't stand having my hair in my I just don't like to fuss with my hair, period.

Anyway, after some fussing, the stylist got the swoopy bangs to look like what I had in mind, and I even sprung for the expensive salon product to get them to stay that way myself. The test, of course, was post-shower this morning...

Um, yeah. The bangs are currently held back with a barrette. My attempt to swoop them was disastrous.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, know how that goes. Always a disappointment after $$ and time spent! Hey, at least you tried something new! Wish you could come to my stylist. She's awesome, and if a style won't work with your hair texture, she'll TELL you and not do it (or at least highly recommend you not doing it). I appreciate that a lot.

Bethany said...

OH lets see a picture. Sometimes the bangs work a little better once they grow ever so slightly. Hope that tomorrow morning they work out better. Sorry for the disappointment but at least you had a nice relaxing afternoon out