Friday, February 15, 2008

Six Months Old

Somehow I blinked and six months went by since our baby boy was born. Is that possible? I know I don't post pictures of Elijah nearly often enough for some of you, so I figured his half-birthday was a good occasion to put up a few.

Life with our little man gets more and more fun. I am definitely not one of those moms who mourns putting away the little clothes and wishes her baby wouldn't grow up quite so fast! I enjoy him so much more now than I did at first. When he grins in recognition as I enter the room...when he giggles as we tickle him...when he babbles at us...when he blows raspberries or makes silly faces...I think, "how can anyone miss the newborn stage compared to this?"

This week marks an important milestone in that, by the grace of God, we made it to six months on nothing but breastmilk. Breastfeeding has been so, so, so much more difficult than I that feels like quite an accomplishment. We celebrated by giving him his first taste of real food: mashed banana. The faces he made were hilarious; the full-body shiver after every bite, priceless. Still photos don't do it justice. I don't know if it was the texture or the taste, but he really didn't know what to think. Steve and I about died laughing.

Elijah isn't one of those chubby babies with six fat rolls on each thigh, but his pediatrician has reassured me at every single visit that he's perfectly healthy. He's growing consistently and his height and weight are proportional (his head isn't...but Daddy says that's just because he's got big brains :) So I am thankful--we have been blessed with a healthy, beautiful little boy.

Six months of motherhood have brought many delightful, unforgettable moments...interspersed with a whole lot of trials and ugliness. It is so kind of God to choose this particular way to refine me...but the process isn't pretty. This week I've been reflecting on the words of a friend of mine whose little boy is a week younger than mine. Kristin confessed to "wanting a prodigy," then wrote:

Am I more concerned with the fact that he can’t sit up or that he is a sinner in need of grace? Do I spend more time thinking of ways to train him physically or spiritually? Is my definition of his future success based on godly character or worldly goals?
I could have written most of this post--so I'm thankful for Kristin's transparency, as it provided a timely kick in the pants. Once again I have to ask God to burn the pride out of my heart, to set me free from jealousy and competitiveness. Life is too short, and Elijah too precious, for me to waste time worrying about how he stacks up to other babies (or how I measure up as a mom). The bottom line is, we both need a whole lot of grace--and God has shown Himself faithful to provide that over and over again.


The Chinlund Family said...

I can't get over how adorable he is!!! And you're becoming quite the photographer, I wish you lived closer, I'd pay you to take some of Caleb!

Anonymous said...

He really is adorable! And, Kate's right, you really have a talent. Happy six months, Elijah!

Bethany said...

Adorable!!!! Love the pic of him in the car...the light is beautiful. That one is my favorite. But all the other ones are great too especially the little funny face one. He is growing. Love his hair. So sweet.

I remember with my first wanting things to move fast and I couldn't wait to experience each new stage. I think with Adelee I keep thinking it might be my last time (although deep down I feel like there is one more) I guess it is in knowing that this whole new baby and baby stage thing will soon be coming to an end forever for me and that makes me sad and want to hold back. That and I know what a job chasing a crawling or toddling baby around is so I am patient. HEE HEE.

Love your little man. He is such a little man. And you are getting great with the photos!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're enjoying motherhood. I'm with you about not missing the infant stage. Congrads on breastfeeding too!! You go girl. I know how hard it can be.

Kayla said...

That full body shiver picture is the BEST! Those are the most awesome memories a mom & dad can get. Your baby's "firsts". And as far as the "packing up new born clothes" thing, I was overly ready with Jayden because everything was getting more fun with each day that passed. But with Lincoln, when you reach the stage where you aren't sure but you might be done, that's when packing up the baby clothes gets harder. Not because you are sad to see the baby grow and become interactive, but because you have all these memories that will begin to surface when your toddler no longer wants to be cuddled, or you see a new mom holding her three day old precious, perfect, sleeping baby in her arms and you are overwhelmed with how much you actually do miss that. I am happy to be done with nursing, bottles, baby food... it just begins to dim more quickly than you think it will. Congratulations on 6 amazing months!

Sandra Leigh said...

Hi Ames
The top pic is my favorite of Elijah's so far! He is really growing up. I think if I ever have a kid, I'll have to come back and read these posts again from the past 6 months. I appreciate your transparency but there is so much I can't really relate to. But I'm sure it would take on a whole new light if there was a small one in our home.
I'm really looking forward to your visit and the chance to meet Elijah. I hope it still works out!
PS - How did you decide on Elijah's name? Maybe you should write a post about that.