Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thankful Thursday, Take 86

Thanking God this week for...
  • the fact that Steve has a job where he is respected, valued and appreciated
  • a surprise dinner out on Tuesday
  • the terribly yummy rolls & honey cinnamon butter at Texas Roadhouse
  • Elijah's love for books
  • the awesome used book sale where we scored great deals last Saturday
  • the Desiring God 2008 Conference messages available for free online
  • nerve endings in the skin
  • the mind-boggling variety of color--have you ever thought about how astounding it is that there can be so many different shades?
  • giant coffee mugs filled with warm drinks on cold mornings
  • soft, fuzzy sweaters
  • weather that makes it possible to wear sweaters and flip flops simultaneously
  • choosing and using dysfunctional people
  • the Savior who bore my sin and reconciles me to Him


Anonymous said...

How are you liking the Desiring God conference messages? Did you get the video to work? I've listened to Ferguson, Driscoll, on of the panel discussions and started on Kauflin's message.

Amy said...

Well, we can stream the video online, but we can't watch it if it's saved to the computer. I've only listened to Ferguson so far. Steve and I had planned to go to the conference, and since we didn't end up getting to, I wanted to watch the messages together at least. Otherwise I probably would have listened to most of them by now :) It's hard to find time to sit down together for a big chunk of time like that, especially during the week.

Anonymous said...

Amen to your list. I fully relate to so many of them: hubby's job environment, freaky wardrobe combos for this weather, the seemingly endless shades of color in nature, and of course the stuff-yourself-to-the-gills wonderful rolls at TR.
Sadly (or maybe it's a good thing) there's none close by. We make it there when we hit Myrtle Beach.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know all about not having much time to sent down together! I will say they're great! I'm down to just needing to listen to Trip and Piper.