Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Under Construction

Oh dear, what have I done?

I was getting so tired of looking at the old template...plus something went wonky in the settings and I was unable to update my sidebar, which was frustrating...and when we got our new monitor, I realized it was pretty difficult to read the light-blue hyperlinks. Thought I would do some tweaking, so I upgraded to Blogger's new layouts. And of course I hate it, and don't have the time to fuss with it now. Stay tuned; hopefully I'll get it figured out soon. Oy.


Kayla said...

LOL!!! I have been contemplating doing that same thing for a week now and have been too scared I'd lose what I already had. (I have zero ability to figure out how to get my blog to do some of the cool stuff other people have) Sorry to say this, but I'm glad you just posted this... now I won't do it!

Anonymous said...

I would read ya if the blog was in black and white only. No frills, no chills, nothing. I just enjoy what you have to say. One of these days I may feel motivated past the "I should learn" to "I want to learn this without bothering anyone."

Bethany said...

An Easy quick one with using white minima template and just putting the background in the gadget instead of messing with the code of the template is found here


I like to mess with code but for those that want some fun backgrounds and keep it simple that is a good one.

Bethany said...

ps look under her free backgrounds

Amy said...

Thanks, Zo :) It's just that the tiny fragment of creativity left in me just HATES that my blog template is so impersonal. I really *want* to customize it...I just don't have the patience to learn. I know enough HTML to be dangerous--mostly enough to get frustrated when I can't *quite* do what I want to do.

Thanks for the tip, Bethany--I'll have to check that site out.

Maybe this year for NaBloPoMo I'll win a free blog redesign! A girl can always hope, right?

Anonymous said...

I do know exactly what you're talking about. I have looked at ,y boring blog template many a time saying to myself, "And you call yourself an artist?
Well, yeh, I am just not skilled in the medium of computer...yet. When I get good and fed up, I know who to call. Her name is Sacha. She goes to my church and is willing to help, is artistic, patient, and really good at this techie stuff.