Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday, Take 88

Thanking God this week for...
  • my awesome parents who came to visit last weekend
  • our new aqua guest room, painted by my dad and me (Steve finished the drywall just in time!)
  • the fair donuts Mom & Dad froze and brought to us
  • a good long conversation with my little brother late Friday night
  • the date night Steve and I got to have on Saturday
  • chicken lettuce wraps from PF Chang's
  • frappuccinos
  • thoughtful discussions that go beyond surfacey small talk
  • all the cute winter clothes I got for Elijah at the consignment store
  • packages in the mail--even the expected ones are exciting
  • reassurance from experienced mamas
  • being united with my husband
  • taking things others intend for evil and using them for good
  • executing judgment FOR us instead of against us, in spite of our guilt

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