Monday, March 23, 2009

Woe to the Blind and Impatient

"Woe to those not regard the deeds of the LORD, or see the work of his hands. ...Woe to those who...say, 'Let God hurry, let him hasten his work so we may see it. Let it approach, let the plan of the Holy One of Israel come, so we may know it'" (Isaiah 5:11, 12, 18, 19).

How often I have been so absorbed with my cravings, my complaints, my circumstances that I do not see God's faithful, loving deeds on my behalf? How many times have I missed seeing His hand at work around me because my focus is on myself?

How often do I lash out in frustration because I do not understand what He is doing in and around me? How many times have I angrily cried out, thinking that because *I* cannot see a purpose in what is happening, there must not be one? How many times have I protested that there must be a more pleasant way, an easier, better way? How often have I demanded answers, solutions, clarity of understanding?

Forgive me, Lord. Open my eyes, that I may see Your beauty and majesty. Enlighten the eyes of my heart, that I may know the hope to which You have called me and the riches of Your glorious inheritance. Increase my faith in future grace, so that I can wait patiently for You to act on my behalf. Enable me to trust Your sovereign goodness and loving wisdom when I can't see with my physical eyes or understand with my finite mind what You are doing.


sara jean said...

Dearest Amy,
God has been speaking to me through your recent blog post in so many ways. Know that you are an instrument of peace that God is using in my life. I miss you!

Sarah said...

This is a prayer that I have found myself praying over and over (and over and over) again the past couple of years. Thank you for your wisdom in this post!