Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday, Take 120

After a wonderful, encouraging, powerful, gospel-centered prayer meeting at church last night, my heart is full of gratitude--praising God for so many things, including...
  • the power of the gospel
  • the gift of conviction
  • abundant mercy for sinners
  • the beauty of lightning against a night sky
  • the power of God who creates and calms storms
  • lightning bugs
  • Steve's unexpected day off last Friday, resulting in a family trip to the zoo
  • giraffes and elephants
  • a fabulous chocolate-and-vanilla-twist ice cream cone at the zoo--just the right kind of ice cream
  • the gospel-centered messages we heard in Sunday school and church last Sunday
  • the fact that Elijah did well in the nursery and I actually got to hear them live
  • grace to get up early in the morning this week and be alert
  • grace to work out every day
  • a playdate with new friends on Tuesday
  • hobby time with a friend on Wednesday
  • this CD, which I blasted in the car after last night's awesome prayer time
  • Laura, who shared her heart so eloquently with me
  • Kristin, who isn't afraid to ask hard questions
  • the fact that I could continue listing blessings endlessly...

1 comment:

zz said...

And what about the WORMS? They didn't even get a mention in your list! I'd have expected such abundance would have registered on your grati-meter.