Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Four Years

Four years ago today, Steve and I moved into our first home together. It was two weeks after our wedding; we'd been home from Maui just long enough to pack up all our stuff before driving down to Tennessee and settling into an apartment. A lot can change in four years...a house and a kid later, here we are celebrating our fourth anniversary. We started something last year that I think will become a tradition of sorts: heading back to Ohio at the beginning of July and, instead of buying each other anniversary gifts, going out on an overnight date while the grandparents babysit.

I am endlessly grateful that God in His kindness has arranged for me to spend my life with this man. I never tire of telling the story of how the Lord brought us together. When we think of the countless ways in which we complement each other so exactly, we know it was ordained by Him.

Seldom does a day go by that I am not keenly aware of how very blessed I am. I often can't fathom how Steve puts up with me so patiently, but I'm thankful that he does. I don't deserve this gracious gift from God, but I'll continue praising Him for it, and praying that He will make our marriage a beautiful trophy of His grace--a blessing not just to the two of us, but for others to look at our relationship and see more of Him.


Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the picture of you two!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary.

Continued blessings,

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary Amy. I hope you get to keep up the sounds like a great way to celebrate.

BTW, I posted the Thai Basil Chicken recipe if you're still interested.