Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MMM: Struggling

We're just a couple of days away from the finale of Mega Memory Month...and I confess, I am struggling! Earlier in the month, I was just not diligent to do the daily work; we had guests and were out of town and I got out of my normal routines. The last week, I've been better about doing the daily work, but it's just HARD--I think Romans 5 is the most difficult thing I've memorized so far.

The first eight verses were really easy because they were mostly familiar. But verses 12 and following...whew! They aren't written particularly clearly or smoothly, so memorizing them has been much more challenging than anything I've worked on in the past. I've gotten as far as verse 16--yesterday's work, which I need to review and solidify.

After that, I'll still have five more days of work to do to finish the chapter using my method, and then I'll have to make sure the end of chapter 7 is solid. I had just a couple of errant words the last time I checked it. Thankfully, we have the NIV Audio Bible, so I've just now added Romans 5-8 to my iPod. I think it will be really helpful to be able to listen to it and recite along to reinforce the memorization. Lord willing, in another couple of weeks, I'll be able to go straight through Romans 5-8! Then comes the hard part of continuing to meditate on and live out the words.

How's everyone else doing? It seems MMM isn't nearly so popular in July as it was in January--is anyone participating, and if so, how's it going?


sara jean said...

Well, I will be honest, I am not doing as well with memory as I had hoped. I've been working through the book of James and I actually get stuck just reading it over and over trying to grasp it all because the wisdom in this book is so incredible. Maybe August will have to be my mega memory month as July was used more for a regular reading routine:)

Unknown said...

Amy, I just want you to know how much I respect your perseverance in memorizing Scripture! You may not feel like you've done very well this month, but you are doing something truly amazing...what a precious treasure you are storing up for yourself...and you won't even have to wait for heaven to enjoy its blessings!

Unknown said...

Sara--I have enjoyed reading James this month as well! God has really taught me some powerful truths through James' writings. Kudos on working to memorize it!