Monday, May 03, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 157

As always, much to be thankful for this week--and last, though I didn't get a post up. Thanking God lately for...

462. diapers on sale when we needed them
463. prayer with other moms
464. evidence of God's grace at work in me
465. a friend letting me get rid of my junk in her garage sale
466. safe travels

467. humidifiers and eucalyptus oil
468. Elijah's generally sunny disposition and cooperativeness while Steve was working long hours and I was on my own parenting
469. the fact that Steve rarely ever has to work long hours
470. my favorite jersey knit maternity capri pants
471. yummy salads I didn't have to make

472. Elijah's love for his grandparents and uncle
473. our families' delight in Elijah
474. dimples in little elbows
475. stain remover that got spaghetti sauce out of a white shirt
476. families who are supportive and respectful of our decisions

477. opportunity to be at home with our families while Steve was out of town on business
478. my parents' and in-laws' serving me by caring for Elijah
479. feeling more baby movement!
480. the countless ways Elijah makes us laugh
481. huge stack of old magazines my aunt gave me (to cut out pictures for my visual journal)

482. visits with dear friends
483. pizza subs
484. beautiful full moon, orange and low in the sky
485. sermon podcasts
486. three shades of lilacs growing together along the road

487. grace to resume memorization work in Ephesians
488. the fact that my parents and in-laws live only five minutes apart
489. grace to get up early
490. a dry house
491. peonies beginning to bloom

492. His sovereignty over sunshine and rain

holy experience

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