Monday, May 31, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 161

After ten days spent traveling (more posts on that to come), my cup is full, full, full of blessings--more gifts than I can count. Thanking God for all of them, including...

550. safe travels over 1500+ miles
551. time away with just my hubby
552. grandparents who adore my son and are willing to care for him while we're gone
553. Elijah's love for his grandparents and the fact that he wasn't sad while we were gone
554. the squeals and jumping up and down that greeted us when we returned after five days

555. beautiful lakes around every corner in northern Michigan
556. roads that wind along the shore
557. shifting sand dunes
558. being an unchanging Rock
559. orchards and vineyards

560. ice cream cones, a vacation staple
561. quiet early-morning kayaking
562. tandem bicycles
563. muscles to paddle and pedal and hike
564. fresh, local asparagus

565. fascinating knowledge gleaned about the processes of making cheese and wine
566. a camera to capture moments of beauty, hilarity, cuteness
567. sunscreen that protected me from getting fried
568. citronella candles
569. cherry vanilla Pepsi at a gas station in south central Michigan, oh happy discovery

570. a baby bump to camouflage all the vacation calories
571. a church I miss
572. home sweet home
573. the eternal Home that awaits me

holy experience

1 comment:

Kelly said...

I just love you!

This list made me smile. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.:)

Hugs to you!