Monday, May 17, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 159

Thanking God this week for...

512. McKay's bookstore in Nashville--tons of great deals on used books
513. the detour on the way home that took us past 25+ school buses, much to Elijah's delight
514. getting us safely to the gas station before the tank ran dry
515. roadside strawberries
516. pizza night out with my guys for a belated Mother's Day celebration

517. lunch with a friend, and her generosity in loaning me an extra carseat for the weekend
518. the satisfaction that comes with productivity
519. thyme on manager's special at the grocery when I needed it
520. first chicken, corn and tomato pitas of the summer
521. the fact that after Elijah's meltdown because there were no car carts at Kroger, we at least didn't *see* any other kids driving them in the store--and a snack kept him pacified the rest of the time

522. a friend's gentle reminder of what my priorities should be
523. encouragement from Elijah's new teachers and much progress made
524. more local strawberries, this time hand-picked by us
525. the fact that we finished picking just as the clouds opened up and a storm began
526. a wonderful weekend with my dear friend Kristin (which needs a whole post of its own)

527. Steve's hard work outside on Saturday, especially cutting down the bushes that had overtaken the front of our house
528. all the light that can now stream in our living room windows
529. news of *another* pregnancy at church (bringing the grand total to SEVEN in a church of less than 100 adult members!)
530. Elijah's eagerness to take naps
531. energy and motivation to start a Monday morning

532. the fact that Christ DESCENDED (Eph. 4:9-10)--He lowered Himself to our level because we could not raise ourselves to His!

holy experience

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litabug said...

520. That is my favorite summer recipe! We had our first batch of the summer a couple of weeks ago.

521. :) Been there too.