Monday, June 07, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 162

The gifts continue to multiply and I continue to write them down, to try and cultivate a grateful, content heart. This week I'm thanking God, from whom come all good gifts, for...

574. simple, yummy dinner out of the freezer after a week away
575. one last round of strawberries from the farmers' market
576. Elijah's exuberant dancing in the Target checkout line for no particular reason
577. Tuesday night prayer with other moms
578. late-afternoon thunderstorms

579. news that we're getting better insurance coverage for this pregnancy/birth than we expected
580. inviting me to cast my anxieties on Him because He cares for me
581. promising grace for what I face today, not grace for an imagined future
582. being more gentle and patient with me than I am with my child
583. a walk (with some galloping--I think Grammy taught him that last week) through Bicentennial Mall with my little man

584. long afternoon naps, for Elijah and for me
585. my firefighter-brother, kept safe in his first fatal fire
586. Steve's help bringing in and unloading groceries
587. my hero husband trying to set a trap, kill a you-know-what and dispose of it without me having to know a thing
588. peach juice dripping down hands

589. Steve's diligence in working on our clogged sink
590. perspective: gratitude for the ability to do dishes, once the sink finally got cleared
591. grilled cheese sandwich, cut in triangles
592. dinner that looked to be a disaster actually turning out delicious
593. yard sale deals

594. cool breezes on hot and humid days
595. friends around the dinner table
596. home-sweet-church after two Sundays away
597. ensuring that I learned Christ, have heard of Him and been taught in Him

holy experience

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