Monday, June 14, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 163

598. a generous friend who sends me home with hand-me-down toys/clothes/books every time
599. the fact that I didn't pee my pants on the way home last Monday
600. the pizza Steve brought home from work after a lunch meeting
601. three loads of laundry dried on the line for free
602. a sharp serrated knife for cutting tomatoes

603. the habit of journaling
604. my brother-in-law and sister-in-law FINALLY closing on their apartment--meaning they get to move back to Ohio!
605. Steve's servanthood in making dinner when I was feeling bad
606. insight and inspiration for how to help Elijah communicate
607. fresh watermelon

608. Elijah's agreeable attitude when I tell him it's the "last time" for something he enjoys
609. Steve's hard work around the house: mowing the lawn, replacing drain lines, rewiring the breaker box
610. the new farmers' market in town this summer
611. dinner with a sweet friend
612. a phone call at bedtime when E missed his mama

613. the discovery of new-to-me music on iTunes, and being able to buy it instantly
614. a new sermon series at church on "fighting Satan's designs"
615. the armor He has provided to protect us against our enemy
616. the certainty that that enemy has already been defeated and victory belongs to Christ!

617. Ann, who doesn't just count blessings but pens beautiful words on gratitude week after week, today's offering especially poignant

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