Monday, June 21, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 164

Thanking God this week for...

618. a surprise magazine and encouragement note in the mail from a dear friend
619. playdate at the pool last week
620. simple PB&J sandwiches
621. gas and a car to be able to drive a long way to the playdate
622. Elijah's patience during the long car ride

623. that clean feeling after a needed shower
624. two bathrooms to clean
625. Elijah's "helping" me make cookies
626. piles of clean laundry
627. a shiny sink at bedtime

628. super-comfy skirts to wear as my belly (and hips and thighs and butt) grows
629. deeper understanding of God's Word as I memorize it
630. lunch and conversation with a friend
631. coupon in my inbox right when I needed to go shopping
632. a brief but still delightful visit from the Drees family

633. the sweet teenaged boys who did the dishes after lunch
634. the fact that my neck didn't completely lock up like I feared
635. picnic supper and Shakespeare festival
636. a weekend with very minimal screen time
637. profound insights from Dr. Tripp in this week's lecture

638. the incredible father of my children
639. my loving, wonderful dad
640. adopting me as His daughter and inviting me to call Him "Abba, Father"

holy experience

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