Thursday, August 05, 2010

Five Years

So. There's this man in my life. He's kind of amazing. Maybe I've mentioned him once or twice?
This month Several weeks ago (where is the summer going?!) we celebrated FIVE years of marriage. Wow. And what a ride it's been. In that time we've moved several states away from family, bought a house, had a son, and conceived another baby.

I still thrill to see his car pull into the driveway at night. I still love to flirt with him. Even after living with him and knowing him better than anyone, I still think he's brilliant and hilarious and wise and selfless. I have so much respect for him. I think that says a lot.

Even after seeing the very worst of me, he still loves me. That's one of life's great mysteries I'll never figure out.

I'm hoping this baby looks like him. Or at the very least has his eyes.

Happy (belated) anniversary, Steve. Here's to dozens and dozens more.


Rebecca said...

BEAUTIFUL, beautiful wedding picture! Congrats! My parents' anniversary is today, too.

zz said...

Congratulations and praise be to God for five years of marriage! And I agree-beautiful wedding picture.

Amy said...

thanks, y'all :)

ours wasn't today. it was over a month ago (July 2)! I just haven't been in the blogging groove lately--and it's been a crazy month that got away from me.

Anna said...

Congratulations, Amy (and Steve)! Happy belated anniversary. And Amy, you looked lovely then and now! :)

Tom Gabbard said...

Congrats to you both! You are a blessing to us!

Jessie Rae said...

Ok, so I read this at the kitchen at Greystone and had to hurry and wipe away tears before anyone saw me. :) This is the sweetest post ever! Congrats on the anniversary and wishes for many more!

Marianne said...

Adorable! You two make a lovely couple. God bless you and I wish you many, many more years of happiness.