Monday, August 02, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 170

Thanking God today for all the blessings of last week, including...

778. a visit from Grammy and Pops
779. their delight in Elijah, and his in them
780. house filled with laughter
781. Dad painting the dining room where Steve and his dad had patched
782. homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream, my special request, Dad's specialty

783. shopping trip with Mom, being spoiled, girl time
784. the adorable little elephant hat she bought for the baby
785. Mom drying dishes, giving Elijah a bath
786. Mom lighting a fire under me, helping me clean/organize, taking stuff for her garage sale
787. the resulting decluttered office, bare floor I haven't seen in months

788. lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries (my first time) with Mom, Dad and Elijah
789. hugs from arms that have hugged me and loved me longer than anyone
790. catch-up phone call with my college roommate
791. Jesus' taking on flesh and knowing our suffering & temptation firsthand
792. sending the Holy Spirit to dwell within me, not leaving me on my own to do the impossible

793. Elijah and Daddy coloring together, going to Lowe's together
794. early-morning kicks from the baby
795. early-morning hugs from Steve
796. early-morning time with the Lord
797. AMAZING fresh local peaches

798. scrapbooking retreat with friends
799. vast field of sunflowers
800. too many blessings written down this week to type out here

holy experience


Danielle said...

Oh no, you discovered Five Guys! Despite the grease, it's really good, isn't it. The up side is (we watched a whole documentary on that joint) they use fresh food every day. No frozen meat, fresh cut potatoes, etc. So if I'm going to eat "fast food" it may as well be fresh! :)

Amy said...

I loved it! but the portion sizes were lots different than I expected. the way they asked if we wanted fries and a drink, it sounded like a combo meal...turned out all four of us basically could have shared ONE order of fries, maybe two--definitely did not need three!

and I figured the burgers would be huge at a place like that...but one single-patty burger definitely wasn't big enough for hungry pregnant mama to share with toddler-who-loves-burgers :P

Anna said...

Are you finding out if you're having a boy or a girl? And when are you due again? :) Your folks are from Ohio, right? So are mine. Lots of questions this week!

Amy said...

hey Anna - due in early/mid October. we know the gender, but no one else does. and yes, my parents (and in-laws) are in NW Ohio. you're more southern OH, right?

Amy said...

I've been meaning to post u/s pics but can't get my scanner working. we got a 3D one that's much clearer than any of Elijah's pics :)

Anna said...

I'm actually from midwest Ohio. About an hour south of Toledo. :)