Monday, August 30, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 173

Thanking God this week for...

830. deep early-morning conversations with Steve
831. OxiClean, and the way it + boiling water fixed shirts I thought were hopeless
832. cooler temperatures for walks and play time outside
833. furniture to dust
834. old t-shirt rags

835. finding my missing wallet insert (driver's license) at Kroger
836. free prints from Walgreens
837. living close to Nashville
838. snappy grapes
839. lessons learned from my mistakes

840. the precious, hilarious way Elijah prays at dinner
841. ice packs
842. grace to get out of self-absorption and intercede for others
843. an evening walk with my guys
844. Steve singlehandedly switching the guest mattress and our mattress

845. Steve's hard work and motivating me to open up and clean painted-shut windows
846. the awesome organic tomatoes I've been getting for $1/lb. all summer
847. meeting me in Running Scared and in Psalm 27
848. the yummy orange-cranberry streusel bread Steve made for breakfast yesterday
849. playdate with a friend today

holy experience

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