Thursday, September 02, 2010

Baby Kannel #2: A Preview

Belated posting is the name of the game at the blog this week, apparently. Though I do have a slightly better excuse for the lateness of this one. For the longest time, I couldn't get our scanner to work. Now that we're only a few weeks away from actually meeting Baby Kannel #2...shall I post some ultrasound pictures from almost three months ago?!

I was happy that we got a much clearer 3D photo this time. Elijah had his arm over his face the entire time, so we didn't get great shots of him. This little one gave us a better glimpse:

I've tried comparing the ultrasound photos to see if they look alike, but I can't really tell. (Honestly, even look at Elijah's ultrasound photos, I'd never be able to tell it was him.) That's one of the things I'm most curious about: Will this baby look like Elijah, or completely different? I know families where you can tell without a doubt that all the siblings are related, and then other families where brothers don't even look like they came from the same parents--so I can't wait to see this baby's features. I am hoping for Steve's eyes this time around :)

With Elijah, we didn't find out the gender--we weren't even tempted; we knew for sure we wanted to be surprised. This time, Steve and I both agreed early on that we'd like to find out, just to see how it would be different knowing in advance. So we did receive news of the gender at our June ultrasound...but much to the chagrin of our parents and several friends, we are keeping it a secret. I'm not even sure why we decided to do that, other than to be ornery :) It's kind of fun to have a big secret--but also really hard to not say "he/she" instead of "the baby"!

We have the first name picked out, though we haven't decided on a middle name. It's hard to believe how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. I'm well into my last trimester and needing to start preparing in earnest for the birth! We are planning a homebirth this time, which I'm excited about and thankful for, but I do have to admit it is more of a hassle in this one way, having to order/collect supplies. I'm asking God for a joyful and positive, rather than traumatic, birth experience this time--and hoping that delivering at home, possibly in the water, will be a huge factor in helping that happen.

So that's the 34-week pregnancy update around here. We just got photos back from a maternity shoot that a friend of mine did a couple of weeks ago--if you're my friend on Facebook you saw them already--so I'll be posting those here soon.


Kelly said...

It's just all so...amazing.
I'm praying with you for a joyful, non-traumatic birth experience.
I love you!

admin said...

Wonderful! I hope you have a beautiful home birth !