Monday, September 27, 2010

Multitude Monday, Take 177

Thanking God this week for...

907. the US Postal Service (and UPS/FedEx)
908. getting squeezed in off the cancellation list at the dentist
909. their graciousness about my bringing Elijah with me
910. a visit with a dear friend
911. opportunity for her son and Elijah to play at the park

912. the privilege of staying home with Elijah
913. late-night blogging time
914. reading book after book after book to Elijah
915. the privilege of bearing a child
916. the ways God uses motherhood to kill the selfishness in my heart and sanctify me

917. tiny baby clothes, washed and folded and put away
918. words on anxiety everywhere, speaking His truth and promises to me over and over
919. a friend's chicken enchilada recipe
920. more meals stocked in the freezer
921. the ability to listen to my pastor preach while I fold laundry

922. waking early, feeling refreshed
923. back stretches
924. our church's practice of having a "family of the week" on the weekly prayer list
925. the members' honesty in submitting meaningful requests
926. fresh eyes to see Hebrews 11

927. Saturday: Mama's Day Out, with time to read, journal, pray, eat out and be pampered (I could do a whole gratitude list just for this, for sure!)
928. coming home to my guys and seeing evidence they had had fun together (sidewalk chalk all over the patio, cornhole boards and bags out, pictures colored all over a big sheet of paper)
929. yesterday's sermon on Ephesians 6
930. cooler weather
931. a broken-down truck and a towing operation right outside our front door first thing

932. Psalm 27
933. His words of reassurance to fearful people

holy experience

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