Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Merry Christmas Happy New Year from the Kannels

I put most of my Christmas cards in the mail on December 30. Nice, huh? I had a few excuses: a newborn in the house; a hard time getting good pictures; having to wait on the photo cards to arrive after the pictures had been uploaded and ordered. But I also figured, a January card is kind of better anyway. I mean, in December you're *expecting* cards in the mail. You find them in your mailbox more days than not. But a personal card in January, now *that's* a fun mail surprise. Right? Right?
Here's our best attempt at a family photo this year, taken with a tripod and a remote. Elijah is impossibly uncooperative with family photos these days, so I chose the one in which he had the least dumb look on his face and used a card design that featured multiple photos so I could also include a photo in which he looked cute :)

I love the look on Jude's face in this shot: Um, guys? You're letting him hold me upright like this, all by himself? You're going to make this quick, right?

Elijah has fallen prey to an old, old trick--and I have turned into my father. "Don't smile! Don't crack! Don't you dare smile!" I *hated* when Dad did that to me. I smiled every.single.time. So does Elijah.

And my sweet baby started smiling more just in time for me to capture it on film for the cards!

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