Monday, January 10, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 188

Thanking God this week for...

1171. the gift of sight
1172. hilarious games of hide and seek with Elijah

1173. the exercise challenge some friends from church started
1174. conviction from the Holy Spirit about priorities, motivation, etc.
1175. hunger for God

1176. grace to get up early
1177. Ann's book comes out a week from tomorrow!
1178. Amazon gift card from my in-laws, to load my Kindle with new books
1179. white world outside
1180. long-overdue emails--sent and received

1181. requests to cuddle
1182. cuddle time with babies too small to request it
1183. awesome naps for babies and toddlers and mamas
1184. Elijah's rapidly growing proficiency at building Lincoln Log houses

1185. the charming way they sometimes list to one side

1186. grace to remember that Jude will not be little forever
1187. being warmly welcomed at my first Nashville Babywearers meeting
1188. time to shop alone while Steve cared for the boys
1189. the fact that our last name has six letters, making a frame for a recent gift easy to find
1190. vibrant jewel-toned purple and blue colors

1191. salads
1192. broken furnace fixed for $20, thanks to...
1193. an incredibly handy husband, who immediately diagnosed the problem, lit the furnace by hand with a propane torch the following morning, and bought a part that afternoon
1194. wiping felt peanut butter out of Elijah's hair and felt jelly out of my own
1195. not having to wipe real food out of his hair or mine

1196. sweet clementines
1197. Elijah's big brown eyes and impish grin sweetly asking for one
1198. the satisfaction of rocking Jude and watching his eyelids droop and finally close

1199. much, much needed prayer and talking time with a friend
1200. her listening ear and encouragement

1201. freedom to be completely real and honest with her
1202. His being ready and waiting to spend time with me whenever I decide I'm interested
1203. His pursuing me over and over, even when I reject Him and run after false gods instead


Danielle said...

So I have to ask, what on earth do you do at a baby wearers meeting? :)

Ah, Nashville. Did you know I went to Belmont for a year? They messed my student loans though, so I decided I didn't want to take out unsubsidized loans and went home to commute to school.

Amy said...

:) each meeting has a topic for discussion--things like how to promote good back health when babywearing (they might have a chiro come talk to us), nursing while babywearing, different carriers that have worked best for different stages, etc. everyone brings their stash and you can try out different carriers or get help with your own. that's a big part of why I went, to get hands-on help with my ring slings.

and, time to be around like-minded moms and let your kids play and just chat :) it was fun--I'd totally go again. wishing it weren't so far away.

Danielle said...

Ok. The only thing I could think of was checking out different types of carriers.

I got the boba recently. Was going to get the Ergo for the longest time but got the Boba because I liked that it was less bulky and more streamlined. I've worn it once so far. Can't wait to try it out again. I don't wear them much in the house, but out and about I do.

Amy said...

Boba? haven't heard of that one. I'm not using the Ergo this time around - got a Kangapack, which is essentially the same thing, except cuter and less bulky - handmade by a girl I know who sells them on Etsy. I'm planning to post pics of all my new carriers sometime soon, along with the diaper bag my SIL made.

Danielle said...

I looked them up on Etsy. Cute. I can't believe you have something besdies your Ergo (wink wink). Can't wait to see pics! The Boba is made by the same folks who made the Sleep Wrap.

Amy said...

I know, right?

I looked up the Boba - and then had to read the comparison with the Ergo. sounds really great!