Monday, January 17, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 189

We spent the weekend with some of my very favorite people in the world--Diane, who mentored me for two summers when I worked for Kingdom Building Ministries; her husband David, who gets along famously with Steve; and their three delightful children (plus a Chinese exchange student)! After arriving home late last night, exhausted but filled by the blessings of sweet fellowship (and WHY didn't I take a single picture?!), I'm feeling grateful to God for...

1204. the fact that He has both our families in Tennessee for this season
1205. an audiobook to make the car trip pass more quickly
1206. big dinner table filled with good food and surrounded by people I love
1207. the way Steve and David have hit it off and enjoy each other
1208. the privilege of seeing fourteen-year-old Micah grow up from the little six-year-old I used to babysit into a handsome, godly young man

1209. getting to celebrate Micah's birthday while we were there
1210. XinXin (almost 9) and HanYing (almost 7) performing songs from Wicked
1211. their patience with Elijah and inclusion of him
1212. the hours of enjoyment a few glow-sticks can provide
1213. games of Settlers of Catan and all the expansions

1214. more games--old favorites (Ma Jiang) and new ones (Agricola)
1215. late night conversations and early morning conversations and middle-of-the-day discussions on theology and musicals and everything in between
1216. time with Diane at Barnes & Noble while the guys watched the kids
1217. the privilege of knowing her deeply and learning and growing alongside her
1218. Jude taking a bottle so well for Steve while I was gone

1219. Steve's ability to see and articulate the gospel from the Old Testament
1220. flipping back through their guestbook and remembering past visits
1221. planning the next one as we said goodbye
1222. kindred spirits


Anna said...

I'm glad you had such a good visit. :) On a random note, I love the idea of having a family guestbook. How fun it would be to look back over!

Danielle said...

How lovely! And, what audio book did you listen to?

Amy said...

The Blind Side. I've been wanting to read it, and our library doesn't have it (surprise, surprise) but they did have the audio version. We didn't finish it, but I definitely enjoyed what we did listen to. And, ironically, the route to our friends' house takes us right past the school where Michael Oher went!