Monday, June 13, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 208

Thanking God this week for...

1732. belly laughter
1733. an overabundance of children's books
1734. more than two hours of great conversation with a new friend
1735. her wisdom, humility, life experience, willingness to share painful parts of her life
1736. our Toyota Camry hitting 200,000 miles and still going strong

1737. answered prayer
1738. my parents' marriage: they celebrated 31 years last Tuesday!

1739. the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons challenge
1740. the accompanying e-book Warrior Prayers - and the fact that I got it for free!
1741. long emails from a new like-minded online friend

1742. a reptile show at the library
1743. one-on-one time with both boys
1744. Jude falling asleep in a carrier and transferring well to his bed
1745. Wednesday night dinners with our friends, and the fact that I don't have to cook them this summer
1746. just enough honey to make bread

1747. wood block tunnels for Elijah's trains
1748. a long-overdue blog sidebar update (did you notice?)
1749. Elijah picking up all his toys without help or constant supervision
1750. camping with friends
1751. s'mores and plain roasted (ok, charred) marshmallows

1752. natural bug spray
1753. going home to showers, air-conditioning and soft beds at night :)
1754. His protection of my boys
1755. zucchini season
1756. yard sale finds

1757. colored glass
1758. homemade popsicles
1759. sticky red juice dripping down fingers and chin

1760. Jude not being cranky despite being so hot

1761. the fact that Steve isn't moody or easily angered like I am
1762. the way nursing forces me to stop and be still several times a day
1763. free packages of chicken
1764. milky white magnolia blooms
1765. dinosaur pajamas
1766. a new family photo courtesy of the lovely Lily

1767. calling me to prayer
1768. being slow to anger with me
1769. using kindness to call me to repentance
1770. the fact that Jesus didn't escape the work set before Him or the cross He was to bear


Bethany said...

Prayer for boys thing looks good

Amy said...

I am enjoying it so far, for the most part. It's an awesome concept for sure. Some of the Scriptures feel too yanked out of context...I am doing a little revising as I go, honestly. Still, thankful for it for sure.

Amy said...

for sure, for sure, for sure?! oy. :P