Monday, June 27, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 210

Thanking God this week for...

1818. a local farm where we could pick blackberries
1819. finding u-pick blueberries across the road unexpectedly
1820. the super nice man who helped us get started and even gave me...
1821. a padded bucket to sit on while I picked!
1822. Elijah counting out ten berries to put in the basket before eating another one

1823. multitasking: nursing Jude while picking blueberries :)
1824. three quarts of fresh, delicious blueberries
1825. no sunburn for any of us after two hours outside
1826. forgiveness for Elijah and for me
1827. being kind, slow to anger, and patient with us

1828. carseats to protect my boys
1829. rare instances of Jude sitting calm, quiet and still in my lap
1830. lunch of fresh fruits and vegetables
1831. first zucchini pizza of the season
1832. tools to study His Word

1833. parrots at the library
1834. boys in red stripes
1835. new, unscratched sunglasses
1836. cooking disasters that humble me
1837. a husband who helps in the kitchen and eats the failures without complaint or criticism

1838. theology discussions
1839. early bedtimes
1840. mercies new every morning
1841. hugs and fresh starts
1842. new stroller from craigslist

1843. ATMs
1844. a cowboy-themed birthday party
1845. opportunity to serve a friend by running an errand for her
1846. absolutely perfect, gorgeous weather
1847. a friend babysitting while I went to an appointment

1848. Qdoba at Centennial Park with friends
1849. catnaps
1850. Steve's willingness to get his hands dirty: butchering chickens, fixing the car
1851. a huge picnic hosted by old friends, the opportunity to see other old friends
1852. Jude playing with other babies

1853. boys imitating and laughing at each other in the backseat
1854. dinner with friends
1855. long, deep, heart-level conversations
1856. His mercy and grace for me as a wife
1857. His protection of my heart


Danielle said...

Yay for a new stroller from Craig's List. I got one just a few weeks ago, since I clearly no longer need a double. :)

Lindsey said...

I love u-pick farms! Both a great bargain and a fun activity to mix things up.