Monday, June 20, 2011

Multitude Monday, Take 209

Thanking God this week for...

1771. line dried sheets and a freshly made bed
1772. cooler temperatures outside
1773. Sarah's recipe for Green Beans Caesar
1774. a friend here for dinner and great conversation
1775. his encouragement and challenges to Steve and me

1776. Jude's love for his new doorway jumper
1777. the hilarity that ensued when he fell asleep in it
1778. prayer with friends
1779. time to journal first thing in the morning
1780. Schleich animals

1781. a friend hosting Tuesday playdates again this summer
1782. her eight-year-old son being so kind to Elijah
1783. getting home from the library just before a storm rolled in
1784. Wednesday dinner with our friends: salmon croquettes and key lime pie!
1785. shared recipes

1786. Steve's gospel insights
1787. His patience with me
1788. Elijah's ability to talk
1789. the opportunity to lend cloth diapers to a friend, after all she's let me borrow
1790. Elijah's delight in playing with her boys

1791. fenced-in yards and blow-up pools
1792. swim shirts and bucket hats
1793. learning how to make soap
1794. Elijah's surviving a napless day with minimal emotional fragility :)
1795. massage therapy at the chiropractor

1796. friends with whom I never run out of conversation, only time
1797. friends who intercede for me when I ask
1798. donuts from the Donut Palace
1799. long, simultaneous naps
1800. freesia-scented lotion

1801. a new purple shirt with a ruffly neckline
1802. a friend's generosity and servanthood in babysitting for my boys
1803. a date with my handsome husband for the first time in months!
1804. his opening doors for me (only possible when our arms aren't full of kiddos and gear)
1805. walking hand in hand from the car to the restaurant

1806. outdoor seating on a beautiful night
1807. Mafiaoza's clever menu and excellent pizzas
1808. good conversations
1809. ice cream cones
1810. catching up with my sweet friend after we got home

1811. being the Master Storyteller
1812. a kick-start to clean our bedroom and closet
1813. old photos of me and my dad
1814. a quick, last-minute visit from my parents on their way home from vacation
1815. adorable new clothes Mom bought for the boys at the outlets

1816. a day of rest
1817. watching over my life without ever resting


Robin said...

Donut Palace? That sounds like HEAVEN.

Danielle said...

Love those last two. :)