Monday, June 04, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 250

Thanking God this week for...

4004. several days of Jude waking to nurse at 5:15, which is pretty much ideal for me
4005. reminders that my choices have consequences, even when I can't immediately see/feel any
4006. Steve's adventurousness in eating
4007. his appreciation for my adventurous cooking
4008. the fact that pushing the double stroller gives my arms a better workout

4009. chubby toddler feet
4010. Steve helping Elijah cut up "wallamelon"
4011. time to write
4012. a perfect day to explore a new greenway--nice and cool, rain held off

4013. another huge pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland River

4014. echoes in a tunnel
4015. pink windblown cheeks
4016. remembering to grab my camera
4017. the convenience of a hatchback for on-the-go diaper changing
4018. a phone chat with my adorable newly-married friend

4019. weekly phone conversations with a dear friend who points me to Jesus
4020. deliciously sweet blackberries from the farmers' market
4021. Jude dancing with excitement about the berries, face purple with juice
4022. Elijah: "I'll still snuggle with you when I'm big and tall."
4023. the most authentic-tasting Thai food I've ever made

4024. new books
4025. news that a friend is pregnant
4026. new families at church
4027. 7.95% of my body weight lost, several inches lost, shorts and pants fitting!
4028. Elijah giving the last bite of his cookie to Jude, without prompting

4029. boys loving looking at old photos of our family
4030. an evening walk with my guys
4031. forgiving my massive debt of sin against Him
4032. not only forgiving but reconciling me to Himself, even *knowing* for certain that I will offend Him again!

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Danielle said...

Do share your thai food adventure!