Monday, June 18, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 251

Thanking God this week for...

4033. cool, mosquito-free time outside
4034. Elijah in a bicycle helmet wielding a bamboo lightsaber, ridding our yard of Storm Troopers
4035. Jude finding his lost shoe when asked (I had NO idea where it was)
4036. bringing me low so I would meet others in total dependence on Him, with nothing in me to offer
4037. accountability from husband and friends

4038. the ability to buy individual songs, not a whole album, and listen to them instantly
4039. the ability to create countless playlists, and add to or change them at any time
4040. music that preaches truth to my heart
4041. exposing my sin
4042. Honest Toddler's hilarious Twitter feed and blog

4043. Steve telling me to go read to Elijah while he did dishes
4044. freedom to be real with friends about my struggles
4045. clean laundry hanging on the line
4046. soap and water for stinky toddler feet
4047. girls' night out at a Mexican restaurant

4048. Grandma being available when Jude was hysterical and desperate to talk on the phone
4049. inspiration for blog posts
4050. a friend's example of humility and repentance
4051. another friend's example of gracious forgiveness
4052. Jude trying to say "watermelon"

4053. Elijah still saying "wallamelon"
4054. the great feeling of having finished exercising and showering
4055. my loving, servant-hearted dad
4056. the wonderful father my boys are blessed to have

4057. Steve's gospel insights

4058.  unity in our church
4059. our edifying process of electing/affirming deacons and elders
4060. our pastors' care for the flock that has been entrusted to them
4061. inviting me to call Him Abba, Father


Danielle said...

Just curious about what kind of playlists you make? I made genre playlists (boring, like "Country" and "Classical") back when I first got iTunes and I've not made any since! Your thankfulness for playlists just reminded me I never make them, ha ha!

Amy said...

I don't have a ton of playlists, but over the last few months I've gotten into making them for things I am struggling with--choosing songs whose lyrics speak to where my heart is, and putting them together so I can have it playing and be preaching truth to my heart when I am unable/unwilling to preach truth to myself otherwise. I had one in February that was super helpful and just put another one together a week or two ago.

otherwise I don't have a ton - one for the boys' silly-song music, one of Scripture memory songs, a couple of Sovereign Grace ones, a "worship music" one... I also usually have a "new music" one because when I buy new songs or albums, I have a tendency to want to listen to them on repeat a zillion times until I know all the songs :)

Danielle said...

Very cool idea, about putting together songs for an area you're struggling with. I like that!