Monday, July 09, 2012

Multitude Monday, Take 253

So many blessings over the last couple of weeks! Where to begin? Thanking God for...

4087. peaches from the farmers' market
4088. hot, dry weather in Ohio = no mosquitoes
4089. seven years of marriage to the man of my dreams
4090. grandparents keeping our boys so we could enjoy an anniversary getaway
4091. a whole day and a half of laughing, talking, flirting and just being together

4092. the boys' excitement to see us when we got back
4093. the way absence makes the heart grow fonder :)
4094. Elijah helping Pops water his flowers
4095. Grammy fighting lightsabers with Elijah
4096. walks with my mom late in the evening

4097. Steve talking theology with his brothers late into the night
4098. hats, sunscreen, air conditioning, kiddy pools, cold showers
4099. lifting weights with Steve
4100. Elijah handling his disappointment better than expected when we had to tell him that the fireworks he had anticipated for two weeks were canceled
4101. fireworks on TV from Washington, D.C. as the next best thing

4102. Elijah voluntarily sharing with Jude
4103. a visit to the park where our family and friends were camping
4104. Jude climbing all over me, showering me with kisses
4105. card games with Steve's family
4106. opportunity to see a friend I hadn't seen in probably 12 years

4107. her taking pictures for us, coordinating crazy schedules, working in the extreme heat
4108. reminders of how weak and broken I am
4109. extended family gatherings
4110. Aunt Dewey reading to Elijah
4111. my brother's girlfriend entertaining Jude with the video camera on her phone

4112. getting to see fireworks later in the week after all
4113. opportunity to sing at church with my dad
4114. my niece calming down when I volunteered to sit by her at dinner
4115. "Woohoo!" texts from friends excited to see me
4116. swinging on the porch with Jude

4117. His Word that nourishes my soul
4118. the promise that fullness of joy and ultimate pleasure are found in Him
4119. calling me to Himself fifteen years ago today

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