Monday, March 04, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 277

Thanking God this week for...

4759. friendly people at school open houses
4760. grace to move from inner monologue to dialogue with Him
4761. grace to repent and redeem the last hours of a bad day
4762. Elijah happily slurping French onion soup, not realizing he was eating straight spoonfuls of the vegetable he thinks he hates :)
4763. a friend's memorization of Philippians 1-2

4764. pink coffee (white chocolate raspberry mocha)
4765. celebrations of small but meaningful progress
4766. a late-night chat with my BFF
4767. a husband unafraid to speak truth and present logic, rather than coddle my self-centeredness
4768. a generous thank-you gift card from the ladies who attended our retreat

4769. a friend watching Jude during an open house
4770. lunch with her afterward
4771. grace to choose time in the Word instead of vegging on the computer during naptime
4772. Jude pretending to play the cello along with The Piano Guys
4773. His promise to give wisdom to those who ask

4774. coffee in a French press
4775. stand mixer kneading bread dough
4776. pens that write just right
4777. a black McConn mug with a glued-together handle
4778. written-out prayers from 2002

4779. the safe arrivals of friends' and cousins' babies
4780. Elijah "reading" to Jude
4781. Jude doing great at dropoff for his first day of Mother's Day Out

4782. water with lime
4783. the visible beauty in the way He orchestrated events in my past

4784. a written record of it, so I can look back and marvel
4785. a washer and dryer to clean soiled bedding
4786. access to our pediatrician by phone
4787. Star Wars movies providing distraction to a very sick preschooler
4788. Steve and I taking shifts overnight

4789. generic Zofran to finally stop the vomiting
4790. preschool moms asking how Elijah is doing
4791. indoor plumbing
4792. a decent night's sleep for everyone, finally
4793. Jude's happy-dance about foods he likes

4794. leading in steadfast love those He has redeemed

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