Monday, March 11, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 278

Thanking God this week for...

4795. grace to get through midnight and 3AM puking, PJ-changing, sheet-washing, etc.
4796. uncomfortable perspectives that challenge my thinking
4797. boys wanting to read, read, read
4798. a new recipe from a dear friend, based on a recipe I gave her a few years ago
4799. an unexpected phone call from another dear friend

4800. early morning prayer with a (wait for it) dear friend
4801. afternoon writing time
4802. a community meeting about our public schools
4803. Elijah growing in self-control
4804. some late-afternoon time outside on a warm day

4805. more clothes than I need or want
4806. new-to-me clothes from a swap that a [dear] friend hosted
4807. her generosity in giving away far more than she got
4808. reusable grocery bags
4809. Steve, the boys and me singing along to Slugs & Bugs

4810. Elijah's appetite returning
4811. using my words to bring much-needed encouragement to a...yes, dear friend :)
4812. her taking the time to tell me so
4813. church friends going WAY above and beyond, helping clean up an epic poop disaster
4814. the safe arrival of a dear friend's first baby

4815. the fact that none of these "dear friends" I am mentioning are even the same person! BLESSED to have so many beautiful women in my life!
4816. Steve making homemade pizza
4817. chapters of Charlotte's Web before bed and before naps


Danielle said...

Clothes swaps are so fun! I got a new shirt, robe, earrings AND purse the last one I went too!

Amy said...

this was my first one ever, Danielle--it was fun! I think I want to host one for another group of friends, maybe in the fall.