Monday, August 12, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 294

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!" (Psalm 100:4)

5463. a body that can feel pain
5464. ice cubes for a burned finger
5465. being born in a developed nation
5466. men in my life who love, support, protect and respect me, rather than exploit, abuse and oppress me
5467. boys helping me make zucchini lasagna

5468. the way Steve loves God with his mind
5469. free cards, free prints from Shutterfly
5470. Facebook reminiscing
5471. first bruschetta pizza of the summer
5472. iced coffee

5473. fresh, juicy peaches
5474. a bike for Elijah from craigslist for $15
5475. late night writing time
5476. His promise to preserve me to the end
5477. sweet fellowship with a friend

5478. shoes from Zappos for Elijah, cuter and cheaper than what I looked at a few months ago
5479. beads of water on the cut end of zucchini
5480. a donut date with my favorite five-year-old
5481. preserving my father-in-law's life through a heart attack
5482. the advances of modern medicine

5483. this handsome guy, the hardworking brother of whom I am SO proud

5484. the opportunity to see him graduate from Lexington's fire academy and celebrate with him
5485. Mom finding the brown socks Elijah needed for school
5486. time with my family
5487. a ferry ride across the Kentucky River

5488. sweet gentleman operating the ferry who invited the boys to get out and drive the ferry

5489. several hours with my dear friend Laura, who lives near my brother

5490. getting to meet and talk with her husband
5491. our boys hitting it off and having fun together all day

5492. a whole houseful of sweet kiddos, interrupting us often

5493. this fascinating, provocative old episode of This American Life
5494. a carseat cover that's removable and washable
5495. Jude only throwing up once, immediately feeling better
5496. Steve doing so much of the dirty work of cleanup
5497. Tim Keller's sermon on Exodus 14

5498. the beauty and wonder of the gospel
5499. the ways it is foreshadowed in the Old Testament
5500. six years with my firstborn son

5501. the delightful big boy he has grown into
5502. grace that covers all the ways I've screwed up mothering him


Danielle said...

Happy birthday to your new 6 year old!

And what is bruschetta pizza?

Amy said...

it is deliciousness!

start with a hearty whole-wheat crust...add cheese and sausage, but no sauce...then when it comes out of the oven, completely cover it with diced tomatoes + basil. hoping to post the exact recipe later this week - but you could easily wing it if you're impatient :)