Monday, August 26, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 296

"The best remembering ends in praise. Remembering that you were lost, then found, is cause for rejoicing. Remembering that you were wounded, then healed, calls for songs of loudest praise. Remembering that you hungered and thirsted once upon a time makes even a crust of bread and a cup of water a banquet."
--Leigh McLeroy, The Beautiful Ache (175)

Remembering and praising God for a few of this week's gifts:

5530. Jude "hiding" under the covers with Clifford--"An' you dint see me!"
5531. bruschetta salad
5532. a long phone chat with my brother
5533. Steve able to go in to work late and take Elijah to school when I was sick
5534. Jude so sweet and easygoing when I felt terrible

5535. a fantastic Kate Morton novel to read while lying around all day
5536. 7-Up
5537. jasmine rice
5538. feeling like a new woman after a shower
5539. illness being short-lived

5540. Elijah enjoying kindergarten
5541. the assurance that He will work/did work even the mistakes I made from ignorance in a past job for His glory and His children's good
5542. my new niece!
5543. her early arrival meaning I will get to see her before Thanksgiving
5544. the early arrival of a friend's new baby boy

5545. a phone chat with a dear friend
5546. the smells of cinnamon-y things baking
5547. sweet, generous friends babysitting so Steve and I could go on a date
5548. a shared bowl of Pad Thai
5549. big band dance at Centennial Park, opportunity to try our our new moves :)

5550. an opportunity to catch up on a heart level with a friend
5551. a man at church being moved to tears by the gospel during his Scripture reading of Luke 18
5552. freezer filling with fresh fruit
5553. accidental alliteration (--see what I did there? haha, such a word nerd)
5554. a friend's perseverance in hard places testifying to His worth and trustworthiness

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