Monday, September 09, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 297

Thanking God these past two weeks for...

5555. freshly grated nutmeg
5556. browned butter
5557. time studying the Word with a friend
5558. last of the sweet corn
5559. the truth, which does not need to be feared, but sets us free

5560. grace to show compassion and patience
5561. Steve doing the dirty work of snaking a clogged pipe
5562. boys traveling SO well on long trips
5563. a pizza sub with my in-laws
5564. getting to snuggle my brand-new niece

5565. a beautiful, fun reunion with Steve's mom's family
5566. photos captured of all of us together

5567. his granny surrounded by 29 great-grandchildren
5568. the blessing of having married into such a wonderful family
5569. Jude accepting consequences better than expected

5570. Elijah being a kind big brother, helping Jude run through the sprinkler
5571. time spent talking and laughing with my sister-in-law
5572. Sunday evening ice cream cones
5573. Steve walking with his granny, arm in arm
5574. Steve dancing with his mom in the living room, teaching her a few steps

5575. backlit clouds
5576. modern cardiac technology
5577. chirping cicadas
5578. this great new group blog of women reflecting on Scripture
5579. the courage and humility to admit I have been wrong in my thinking and practice

5580. encouragement from Jude's Mom's Day Out director
5581. paleo meatballs
5582. Elijah taking responsibility
5583. the way he lights up when I affirm him
5584. the sweet video clips a friend posts of her four-year-old autistic son beginning to talk

5585. a visit from Jessie Rae and her adorable baby
5586. Steve's company's generosity in blessing employees and their families with a fun picnic
5587. boys being brave on big water slides
5588. Grammy and Pops visiting for Grandparents' Day
5589. His "voluntary condescension" to bridge the insurmountable distance between Himself and rebellious sinners

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