Monday, September 16, 2013

Multitude Monday, Take 298

Thanking God this week for...

5590. missing puzzle pieces found
5591. missing flip-flops found
5592. going through old family photos with my mom
5593. hearing stories from Steve's granny
5594. friends wanting to hear my stories

5595. farm-fresh eggs again!
5596. Jude: "The sun is up! Yay! The sun! Fank you God for da rain off!"
5597. opportunity to run an errand to help a friend
5598. Elijah: "We need to pray. Dear God, please help it not to rain for my soccer game. Amen."
5599. opportunity to teach Elijah that we can trust God even when His answer is "no"

5600. rain clearing after all, soccer game played as scheduled (for Elijah this was sweet answered prayer; for Mama this was hard eucharisteo on a muddy field as a solo parent...)
5601. free photo editing tools on Picasa
5602. adorable pictures of my newborn niece
5603. vanilla Coke
5604. a walk with a new friend

5605. focused writing time
5606. Saturday's high of 73 degrees
5607. a family day at Fall Creek Falls
5608. Jude: "I don't need help! I can do it! I have stwong legs!"
5609. bodies that can hike and enjoy creation

5610. impressive rock formations
5611. cool spray at the bottom of the falls
5612. safety as we crossed terrifying bridges and climbed over rocks
5613. Steve's patience
5614. our pastor's humility in teaching debatable doctrines

5615. his powerful sermon on Acts 20:33-38, "The Power of the Inheritance"
5616. a suffering man in our church now safely Home
5617. Mr. Marvin's example of dying well and trusting Christ to the end

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